Saudi Last Mile Delivery Conference

4-5 September 2023, DoubleTree by Hilton Riyadh
Financial District Hotel & Suites

While every step of the e-commerce logistics process should be treated seriously, the last mile delivery stage is the most crucial because it affects the consumer experience and the purchase process the most. Given the importance of the last mile stage, the Saudi Last Mile Delivery Conference will be held on 4-5 September 2023 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing together retailers, cutting-edge logistics, supply chain, and postal operators, delivery start-ups, and solution providers for the first time ever to discuss the challenges at the last mile process and ways to improve speed, efficiency, and optimization in Last Mile Delivery Services.

Conference Topics

  1. Last mile delivery trends and challenges in Saudi Arabia: This session could provide an overview of the current state of last mile delivery in the country, including key trends and challenges that companies are facing.
  2. Leveraging technology to optimize last mile delivery: This session could explore the role of technology in improving last mile delivery, including the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize routing and delivery times.
  3. Overcoming regulatory and logistical hurdles in last mile delivery: This session could address the legal and logistical challenges that companies face when delivering packages to customers' doorsteps, including issues related to traffic congestion, parking, and zoning regulations.
  4. Innovations in last mile delivery: This session could focus on new and emerging technologies that are transforming the last mile delivery landscape, including the use of autonomous vehicles, delivery drones, and robots.
  5. Strategies for reducing the environmental impact of last mile delivery: This session could explore ways that companies can reduce the carbon footprint of their last mile delivery operations, including the use of electric vehicles, bike couriers, and other sustainable delivery options.
  6. Building effective partnerships in last mile delivery: This session could examine the role of partnerships between e-commerce companies, retailers, logistics providers, and other stakeholders in creating an efficient and effective last mile delivery ecosystem.
  7. Enhancing customer experience through last mile delivery: This session could explore ways that companies can improve the customer experience during the last mile delivery stage, including options for flexible delivery times, real-time tracking, and delivery notifications.

Targeted audience:

  1. E-commerce companies: Companies that sell products online and rely on last mile delivery to get their products to customers should attend.
  2. Retail chains: Retailers that have brick-and-mortar stores and also offer online shopping should attend to learn about optimizing their last mile delivery operations.
  3. Logistics and supply chain providers: Companies that specialize in transporting goods and managing supply chains should attend to learn about last mile delivery trends and challenges.
  4. Post and parcel companies: Postal operators and parcel delivery companies that provide last mile delivery services should attend to learn about new technologies and strategies for improving their operations.
  5. Transportation companies: Companies that provide transportation services, such as trucking or delivery services, should attend to learn about last mile delivery innovations and best practices.
  6. Technology and solution providers: Companies that provide software, hardware, and other technologies to support last mile delivery should attend to showcase their products and services.
  7. Delivery start-ups: Start-up companies that are developing innovative solutions for last mile delivery should attend to showcase their products and services.
  8. Academics and researchers: Researchers and academics in the fields of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management should attend to learn about the latest research and trends in last mile delivery.

Want to be a speaker in  SAUDI LAST MILE DELIVERY CONFERENCE? At the SAUDI LAST MILE DELIVERYCONFERENCE, we aim to have a diverse, intelligent and experienced speakers. We are really excited and looking for great speakers working in or with business sector to help us build a compelling Program.

For 20-minute keynote sessions, we’re looking for speakers that:

  • Have a great story to tell and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others
  • Help solve common challenges
  • Provide clear successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-to’s
  • Outline your talking points – think about why an attendee should give their time
  • List what problems your session will address
  • List and rank your key take-aways
  • Who is the audience for your story?
  • What is the take-away or action item the attendee walks away with?

Conference Topics:

The conference will address 8 topics identified as crucial for the industry:

  • Speed of Order Handling
  • Package Traceability
  • In-House Delivery
  • In-House Warehousing
  • Investing in Smart Technology
  • Robots and Drones Become More Active
  • Real-Time Transparency 
  • Industry Partnerships

Among the many marketing strategies that a company can use to promote its products and services, sponsorship is one of the few that has the potential for huge payoffs.

Sponsorship Value: SAR. 35,000 + VAT

Sponsorship Benifits:
The sponsor will be acknowledged by the conference moderator at the start or end of the conference
Logo & Company Name in all printings and promotional materials for the event
Logo on event website with link to sponsor’s home page
Complementary exhibition booth at prime location 4 Square Meters
Complementary delegates registration: 2 Senior Executives (Any more registration @ 50% Discount)

Contact us for more information on or 0558466618.

Registration Fees: 3,500 SAR + VAT

Group Registration Discount

Complimentary Registrations are available for groups of five or more attendees from the same organization  (6 Registrations Total) 5 Registrations +1 Free

Refund Policy, Delegate Cancellations and Transfer

Registration cancellation requests received in writing at least thirty days (30 days) prior to the event will qualify for a full refund and less than 10% administrative fee. Should the original delegate be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. 

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